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The Darkest Hour (2011) - Hindi Dubbed Movie

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Movie: The Darkest Hour (2011) - Hindi Dubbed Movie
Language : English Dubbed In Hindi
Quality: BluRay
Genre: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi

Plot : Americans Ben and Sean travel to Moscow to sell their social networking/party locating software. As they approach the airport the plane short circuits due to an electrical storm but regains power. They find their Swedish business partner, Skyler , has betrayed them and already made a deal with the Russians, using a knockoff application. They go to a nightclub and meet Natalie , an attractive American and her Australian friend Anne . Outside, they witness what appears to be an aurora. But some of the light begins to fall from the sky, landing everywhere. The lights then disappear, and when a police officer walks up to investigate he suddenly disintegrates along with many others who were near the lights. The lights are aliens protected by almost invisible force fields. They start hunting and disintegrating everyone, sending everyone into a panic. To Know More Watch Movie »»

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